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Partners International

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

Quality Improvement Course conducted at Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar
Quality Improvement Course conducted at Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar

Partners HealthCare International® (PHI) has a long history of partnering with clients across the globe to assess their current quality and safety programs, implement new programs and prepare for international accreditation, ultimately improving the standard of care in local communities. International accreditation has become a powerful indicator of a health care organization’s commitment to high-quality care and patient safety, and ultimately a market differentiator.

Managing the systemic changes required to improve quality and safety while continuing to fulfill the daily mission of providing excellent patient care is challenging, and we have helped clients around the world every step of the way.

Development of Quality Agenda focused on Patient Care: Systems

  • Integration of Shared Quality Agendas

Representative Project: Quality Agenda developed at Mulund Hospital, Wockhardt Hospital System in India had significant benefits for the hospital system.

Simulation Training, Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar
Simulation Training, Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar
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Hospital Accreditation Preparation Programs: Hospital

International accreditation has become a powerful indicator of a health care organization’s commitment to high-quality care and patient safety. The starting point for achieving accreditation is instituting a culture of continuous quality improvement that emphasizes structure and processes to ensure safe and effective patient care delivery.

PHI Accreditation Preparation includes:

  • Assessment of patient safety and quality of care initiatives
  • Workforce Development
  • Training
  • Program Development
  • Creation of a culture that is open to learning from the timely reporting of adverse events and safety concerns, and takes active steps to address them
  • Change Management

To prepare for accreditation, PHI engages a multidisciplinary core project team with expertise in clinical quality management and a close familiarity with the standards and processes set by international accreditation organizations.

Representative Project: Watch a video on Partners program on quality improvement, patient safety and accreditation at VGH, Malta; Featuring John Helfrick, DDS, Senior Consultant for Quality and Patient Safety, Partners HealthCare International 

Representative Project: Development of Local Accreditation Services at Acibadem Hospitals Group in Istanbul, Turkey.

System Analysis and Development of Quality Initiatives: Ambulatory Care
Our team of experts can help you formulate a plan that incorporates global best practices in quality and safety.  Our approach includes frequent interactions between our health care quality experts and your clinical, administrative, and executive staff.

  • Program Assessment
  • Regulation Analysis
  • Development and Integration of a Quality Council

Representative Project:  Development of outpatient/ambulatory care standards and a process for the assessment of physician offices and clinics. Outpatient Standards Development for credentialing, licensing, physician office protocols, and a long-term program for improvement created at Dubai HealthCare, UAE.

Quality Improvement Training, VGH, Malta

Individual Education and Training for Quality and Safety Programs: Provider
PHI supports the analysis of curricula, faculty, academic facilities and organization; as well as policies and procedures related to faculty and student enrichment and support.  The goal is to help our collaborators develop a clear understanding of its present state, with international benchmarks for academic medical institutions as the key metrics for assessment.

  • Workforce Development/Roles in Quality and Safety
    • Patient safety
    • Health care reporting and measurement
    • Medical error management
    • Medication safety
    • Infection control
    • Consumer and patient satisfaction
  • On-location Training Programs (including Train the Trainer programs)
  • Fellowship Development