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Partners International

A member of the Partners HealthCare International (PHI) team since 2007, Sandra Mori is responsible for the management and implementation of educational and professional
development programs for our clients across the globe. Her primary focus to date has been with our health care provider client in Doha, Qatar. Working collaboratively with internal PHI
staff, departments and faculty across Partners HealthCare System (PHS), as well as external Harvard-affiliated experts, she facilitates the completion of project deliverables according to
agreed upon work plans. Prior to joining PHI, Sandra worked for 5+ years in the PHS Office of New Ventures (within the PHS Development Office) where she was a project manager for such
unique projects as the educational IMAX film project entitled “Wired to Win: Surviving the Tour de France” and the international conference “Science + Society: Closing the Gap.”
Before moving to Boston and working within PHS, Sandra was based in Geneva, Switzerland for 7 years during which she worked as a coordinator at the World Economic Forum and then
as a corporate marketing coordinator for the biotechnology/pharmaceutical company of Ares Serono S.A.