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Partners International

Lucene Tong, MD, is the International Director of Clinical Service Planning at Partners HealthCare International (PHI). Her expertise focuses on healthcare systems development, including strategic business planning, facility medical planning, clinical program development, operations planning, quality improvement, and staff development.

Dr. Tong works closely with PHI’s international partners in developing strategies and implementation plans for a successful sustainable healthcare organization by introducing new concepts in evidence-based best practices and patient-centered care, facilitating knowledge and technology transfer, promoting continuous learning and improvement through inter-professional collaboration, education and training. Having spent nineteen years working abroad in executive leadership positions, Dr. Tong has a deep understanding of the complexities and the need for creative solutions of building, growing, and transforming healthcare in unique cultural, regulatory, resource, and economic environments. She led her previous institutions through Joint Commissioning International (JCI) accreditation preparedness and survey and is keenly aware of the quality standards in planning a new hospital, managing operations efficiency, improving clinical outcomes, while keeping in mind financial performance.

Prior to joining PHI, Dr. Tong held numerous leadership and consulting roles in healthcare operations and investment institutions. She led the facility design, operations and transition planning of several greenfield and brownfield hospitals and ambulatory centers in China. Her most recent greenfield project was a 500-bed international general hospital in Shanghai with a center of excellence in oncology and women’s health where she played a critical role in its facility design with the international and local architect firms and its collaborative partnership with Harvard affiliated teaching hospitals in clinical service and operations planning.  Prior to that, she was the COO of Shanghai United Family Hospital, a JCI accredited international general hospital, where she led numerous successful service improvement and facility expansion projects, the re-accreditation of JCI, and the conversion of inpatient electronic medical records.  In her capacity as the Medical Director of Quality Healthcare during the post-merger of three of the largest private physician groups in Hong Kong, she supported a team of over 700 employed and affiliated physicians in the transition to a new organization structure and governance, a single unified electronic medical record and billing system, a new operating model for managing complex health plans, and crisis management during the SARS epidemic.

Dr. Tong received her medical degree from the Harvard University School of Medicine and her Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She was the Becton Dickinson Fellow in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics at Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. She received postgraduate clinical training in Internal Medicine at Kaiser Permanente and in Ophthalmology at Doheny Eye Institute and University of California San Francisco.